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Drowning Deaths in Washington – Negligent Supervision of Children

drowning child

Every summer people throughout Washington flock to our many lakes, rivers and beaches to swim and recreate. Many summer camps and organizations bring children to these same locations to swim and play in the water. Drownings, however, occur every year and often the victims are children who do not know how to swim or who are not provided adequate water safety equipment. Open waters and swimming pools are dangerous places and drownings can happen in a split second when a child goes under water and is not properly supervised or assisted.

Our office has represented families who lost children when they were not properly supervised. When we leave our children in the supervision and care of other people, we expect that our children will be protected and safe. Too often, however, safety measures are forgotten or not followed. Life vests are not provided, for example, or too many children are placed in the care of too few supervisors or lifeguards.

The Washington Department of Health issues guidelines for swimming that contain valuable instructions to keep you and your children safe. When facilities or swimming pools do not follow the basic safety guidelines or are otherwise negligent, wrongful deaths or severe injuries can occur. It is important that subsurface areas be examined and tested to avoid hazards such as unexpected changes in water depth or currents.

If you or your family suffer due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you deserve compensation for your damages and suffering. We are here to help. Contact us if for a free consultation. We represent children and families all over the state of Washington and throughout the Puget Sound area.

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