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Catastrophic Injuries – Seeking Compensation for Severe Injuries

catastrophic injury

Too often victims of negligence – be it due to car wrecks or slip and falls – are viewed by the public as whiners or malingerers looking for a fast and quick payday. Most people that we represent admit to having that opinion until their lives are changed by someone else’s negligence, particularly when they suffer catastrophic injuries that requires surgery or result in lifelong, permanent injuries.

Brain injuries are a particular subset of catastrophic injuries that occur frequently and have devastating effects. According to the Center for Disease Control, traumatic brain injuries contributed to 30% of all injury deaths in the United States. Of those injuries, 40% were caused by slip and fall incidents and 14% were caused by motor vehicle accidents.

If you or a loved one suffer a catastrophic injury, you need assistance in determining many facts associated with the injury, including the full amount of money necessary to provide for a lifetime of care or medical assistance and how to recover that amount. In many cases – especially car accident cases – the driver who caused the collision may not have enough insurance. You need an injury attorney to help you understand Washington law and the process that your family must go through to get the compensation you deserve, not simply the compensation that some insurance company is offering you.

We represent families through Washington that are affected by severe injuries to their loved ones, including children. If your family members suffer severe injuries that require extensive medical care, we can help you. If you suffer life changing events, you deserve compensation that will be similarly life changing. We offer free consultations and can travel to any part of the state to assist you.

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