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Pokemon Go Accidents

Pokemon Accident

If you haven’t heard of the Pokemon Go phenomenon by now, you probably don’t have an internet connection and aren’t reading this. For the rest of us, it has been a non-stop parade of news stories and people of all ages wondering around the streets staring at their phones and walking into people, trees, streets and bodies of water.

There are a lot of stories out there of car accidents, stabbings, assaults and other incidents stemming from the Pokemon Go craze. This Monday the Washington State Patrol has reported the first auto accident in the State of Washington by a distracted driver. The 28 year old was playing the mobile game while driving when he rear-ended a woman traveling in her car with her child.

Smartphones have been elements in car accidents for years now, but being immersed in a game environment can be particularly dangerous. Video games, like a good movie, can cause us to forget about the real world around us. When you are walking or driving, this can be extremely dangerous. It should go without saying that motorists should not be playing Pokemon Go while they are driving. Luckily, the woman and her child were not hurt, this time. If you are a gamer, remember you are sharing the roads with families. Please, put your phone down and hunt Pokemon after you arrive at your destination.

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