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Fatal Accident on Mountain Loop Highway

fatal accident

An early report has emerged about a fatal accident on the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls this morning. At this time there are few details other than there are three fatalities and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

At this time we don’t have enough details to know what happened or what caused the accident. A tragic accident such as this will undoubtedly impact the families and loved ones of the victims. Naturally the first thought for the family of the deceased will never be who can I sue. But once the initial shock and mourning ends, many people will want answers and may need help to provide for dependents they left behind, funeral expenses and a host of other issues.

No value can truly be placed on human life, but holding negligent parties and their insurers responsible for the accident can help provide some much needed financial help that often accompanies the loss of a loved one.

We can help the families of people who are killed or injured in accidents. We have represented victims of accidents all over Washington State. If you lose a loved one to accident we are here to help.

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