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When Is A Daycare Negligent For A Child’s Injuries?


When it comes to our children’s safety, we want nothing but the best. If something happens and a child is injured at daycare, it’s natural to feel shocked and worried. While accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, sometimes they are due to negligence.

If your child has been injured while attending daycare, you may be wondering if the care facility was negligent. Below, we will break down what you need to know when it comes to daycare negligence.

At Emerald Law Group, our Seattle daycare injury lawyers help parents hold daycares and other facilities accountable for their negligent conduct, which results in children’s injuries.

What Is Negligence?

In legal terms, negligence is defined as the failure of a person or entity to act with reasonable care resulting in harm or injury. This means that an individual or entity does not use the same level of care that another reasonable person would have in the same situation. In other words, if someone else had been placed in the same scenario, they would have taken better measures that could have prevented injury from occurring.

Negligence at Daycares

When it comes to daycares being negligent for a child’s injuries, there are several elements that make up this situation. First and foremost is whether the behavior of the daycare staff or facility was reasonably safe according to industry standards and local laws or ordinances. If it wasn’t, the facility may have breached a duty of care, which is an element of negligence pursuant to RCW § 5.40.050. For example, if the daycare did not adhere to proper food handling rules, which led to a child’s poisoning, the facility could be held responsible.

Another element that contributes to negligence is if there was some form of carelessness on behalf of the daycare staff or facility. For example, if a child was allowed access to hazardous materials such as cleaning supplies without supervision—this could be considered careless even though no laws were broken because there was no one around supervising them when they accessed those materials.

Lastly, if there are proven records of prior incidents at the daycare involving similar circumstances, this could also be used as evidence for negligence claims against them by parents whose children were injured at the facility.

Why You Need a Daycare Injury Lawyer

If your child has been injured while attending daycare, you may want to consider consulting with an attorney who specializes in daycare child injury cases as soon as possible since every case is unique and requires tailored legal advice specific to its circumstances.

Understanding what constitutes negligence can help you determine how best to move forward with your case and receive justice for your child’s injuries suffered while under their care. Being informed about your rights helps ensure that all those responsible are held accountable for their actions so victims can recover the maximum compensation possible for their damages and losses experienced due to another’s negligent behavior.

Get the Legal Counsel You Can Trust

If your child was injured at daycare, you need to know whether or not you can hold the facility accountable for your child’s injury and resulting losses. That is why you may need legal counsel to understand your legal options. Our daycare injury lawyers at Emerald Law Group can investigate the facts of your child’s daycare injury and determine whether or not you can sue the facility for negligence. Call 206-823-0792 to request a free consultation with our lawyers.


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