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What To Do If You Were Hit On Your Motorcycle By A Driver Who Fled The Scene?


Getting hit by a car while riding your bike is a frightening and dangerous experience. Unfortunately, it’s made worse when the driver flees the scene of the accident. This situation can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed, but there are important steps that you should take in order to protect yourself and your legal rights.

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Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be a traumatizing and life-changing experience. According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, motorcycles accounted for 19% of all severe injuries and 15% of all deaths in motor vehicle crashes in the state between 2013 and 2017.

Let’s explore what steps to take if you were hit on your motorcycle by a driver who fled the scene of the accident.

1. Call 911 and Seek Medical Attention

The first step is to call 911 for help. Notifying law enforcement of the accident will enable them to investigate the incident and begin searching for the driver who caused the accident. It is also critical to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries suffered in the crash, as this will ensure that you get the care you need as soon as possible and document any injuries related to the crash.

2. Gather Evidence at The Scene

If possible, try to gather evidence at the scene of the accident before leaving, such as photos or videos of vehicle damage, skid marks on the road, or any other relevant details about what happened. Additionally, gather contact information from any witnesses at the scene who might have seen what happened. This could be useful in helping piece together how it all happened if needed later on.

3. Talk to Witnesses

Speaking with bystanders at the scene can be invaluable if they saw something happen right before or during your motorcycle crash with a hit-and-run driver. Ask them questions regarding their contact information and recollection of events leading up to and after your motorcycle crash occurred—and make sure they write down their account of events on paper or record it on video/audio (if possible). Even though these conversations may not seem important, they could end up playing an integral role in helping prove fault in your case down the line.

4. Hire an Attorney

If you have been injured by a hit-and-run driver while riding your motorcycle, it is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury law as soon as possible. Personal injury lawyers understand how insurance companies work, which makes them well-equipped to handle these types of cases efficiently and effectively with optimal results for their clients. They can also assist you with filing claims against potentially negligent drivers who fled from an accident they caused while on a motorcycle ride—or navigate other legal matters related to medical costs associated with recovering from an injury sustained in an accident involving another motorist’s negligence or recklessness on public roads or highways.

Get Immediate & Knowledgeable Legal Guidance Today

It’s never easy dealing with a motorcycle accident involving a hit-and-run driver who has fled from an accident they caused—but knowing what steps to take can help protect yourself legally and financially down the line if necessary. Our experienced and results-driven lawyers at Emerald Law Group can protect your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you need to move forward with your life. Call 206-826-5160 to get a free consultation.


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