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Nursing Home Falls – Tragic and Preventable

Senior woman using walker at home

Nursing homes have been in the news a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing outbreaks of the coronavirus in adult care facilities all over the country. Even before the tragedy of COVID-19, a constant danger to residents of nursing homes and adult care facilities has been the risk of falls. Half of the residents in skilled nursing facilities fall each year.  There are about 1.4 to 1.5 million adults that live in nursing homes. That is a tremendous amount of falls each year. Nursing home falls cause catastrophic injuries that all too often lead to death.

Nursing Home Falls Can Kill

Sadly, many residents of nursing homes never recover from the injuries they suffer in nursing home falls and tragically die as a result. We have represented many clients that have died or been seriously injured due to falls while under the care and supervision of an assisted living facility. The vast majority of these falls occur because the patients – most of whom are classified as fall risks – are improperly supervised and precautions that are recommended go unfollowed by understaffed nursing and care facilities. The truth is, many falls in nursing homes can be prevented.

Emerald Law Group Can Help

For years, your nursing home attorneys at Emerald Law Group have been representing nursing home fall victims and their families. If you or loved one has suffered a fall in a nursing home due to the negligence or neglect of the nursing home staff, we can help. Emerald Law Group offers a free consultation to discuss any claim for falls in nursing homes.

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