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$1.7 Million Dollar Settlement for Childhood Sex Abuse Victim

Emerald Law Group was recently involved in a lawsuit against a major religious organization. Our client suffered childhood sex abuse by multiple members of the clergy from this religious group when he was a young boy. We were able to help resolve his case for a $1,700,000.00 settlement. We have represented clients in childhood sex abuse cases against many different religious organizations – an all too prevalent source of childhood sexual abuse.

Helping Our Clients Obtain Some Closure

Coming forward about childhood sex abuse that occurred at the hands of trusted priests, ministers, pastors, and other church leaders is daunting and takes a tremendous amount of courage. We have seen our clients go through some difficult periods when they pursue claims for childhood sex abuse. It is clearly difficult for anyone to have to relive such a traumatic and life-altering event like suffering sexual abuse as a child. Despite the challenges that our clients face in pursuing claims for sex abuse, overwhelmingly we see that our clients find a lot of closure and relief from pursuing the claim. Pursuing a claim or filing a lawsuit will never completely alleviate the severe trauma of suffering sexual abuse as a child. However, we have seen many instances where pursuing a claim helps our clients start healing and we are proud to play a small part in helping victims of childhood sexual abuse begin the recovery process.

Emerald Law Group Can Help

If you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse, Emerald Law Group’s attorneys offer a completely free and confidential meeting to discuss a possible claim against the perpetrators and enablers of the abuse.

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