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Spend even a few minutes on I-5 and you are likely to see a commercial tractor-trailer hauling its goods through Tacoma. Indeed, 18-wheelers are the lifeblood of Washington’s economy. But when something goes wrong with one of these big rigs, the result is often a catastrophic accident that takes out multiple vehicles and places many lives in danger.

Truck accidents are often the result of negligence on the part of the driver. In some cases the negligence extends to the trucking company and third parties responsible for ensuring the safety of the vehicle. If you have been harmed due to such negligence, you have a right to demand just compensation for your injuries. Our experienced lawyers can help. At Emerald Law Group, we represent accident victims dealing with life-altering injuries.

Understanding Why Truck Accidents Happen in Washington

Driving a truck is not an easy job. Truck drivers endure long hours and tight delivery schedules. This often leads to taking “shortcuts” that put other people on the road at risk. Some of the more common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Fatigue. We all get tired after a long day of work. And when your “work” involves driving a truck, fatigue can prove deadly. For this reason there are strict federal regulations on how long a commercial truck driver can stay on the road without stopping to rest or take a break. But many truck accidents are the result of drivers ignoring these rules.
  • Drug and alcohol use. Drunk driving is never safe driving, and this is even more so when it comes to operating a commercial truck. The danger is not limited to alcohol abuse, however, it also extends to truck drivers taking medication–often to combat fatigue–which can impair their functioning behind the wheel.
  • Distractions. Driving long hours can understandably get boring. So it is no surprise that many truck drivers look for something to distract their attention, such as looking at their phone or talking on the radio. But as we all know, distracted driving is dangerous driving. Taking your eyes off the road for even a couple of seconds can lead to a crash.
  • Improper Maintenance. A truck owner, whether it is the driver or a company, must inspect their vehicle each time before it goes out on a job. Tractor-trailers are enormously complex vehicles and even a single faulty part can lead to disaster. That is why proper maintenance is essential.
  • Cargo loading. If a tractor-trailer’s cargo is not loaded properly, the cargo may shift or become loose during transport. This can lead to a loss of control of the truck, or even a situation where the cargo itself becomes a projectile and strikes other vehicles.

Contact Emerald Law Group Today

If you can prove that the negligence of a truck driver, truck operator, or other party caused your accident, you can seek compensation for your losses arising from the crash. This includes not only your medical bills and lost income but also compensation for your pain and suffering. A qualified Tacoma truck accident lawyer can review your case and advise you further. Contact Emerald Law Group today to schedule a free confidential consultation.

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