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Seattle Transit Injury Attorneys

Public transportation offers an inexpensive and efficient way to move around the Seattle area. But transit still carries the risk of serious injury or even death if operators are negligent. A bus driver who fails to obey the traffic laws or a poorly maintained light rail system can easily lead to an otherwise preventable accident.

If you, or someone in your family, has been seriously hurt in an accident while using public transportation, a qualified lawyer can help. At the Emerald Law Group, we represent accident victims who need to pursue compensation from the agencies charged with keeping public transit safe. We can review the facts and circumstances of your particular accident and advise you on an appropriate legal strategy moving forward.

Have You Been Hurt While Riding Seattle Public Transit?

Transit injuries can occur on public streets, rail lines, and even while on the Puget Sound. The team at Emerald Law Group can provide you with professional legal advice if you have been injured while riding any of the following services:

  • King County Metro
  • Sound Transit
  • Seattle Streetcar
  • Seattle Center Monorail
  • Amtrak
  • Washington State Ferries

When pursuing a personal injury claim against any public or government-run transit agency, you need to be aware of special rules governing such cases. Government agencies are normally immune from civil lawsuits. But this immunity is waived for most personal injury claims. But transit injury victims looking to take advantage of this waiver must provide written notice in advance of a potential lawsuit. This notice gives the agency 60 days to respond and offer a potential settlement. If the transit agency fails to respond, or you decide to reject the settlement offer, only then can you proceed with a lawsuit.

In terms of legal liability, a transit agency is responsible for the negligent acts of its employees just like any private employer. So if you can prove your accident was the result of transit employee negligence, you can recover a variety of monetary damages. This includes your out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills, lost wages due to time missed from work, and even long-term rehabilitation costs. You can also seek non-economic damages as compensation for your ongoing pain and suffering and overall diminished quality of life due to a transit injury.

Contact Emerald Law Today

Transit injuries often present a number of complex legal issues that go beyond a typical car or truck accident. Given the likely involvement of public transit agencies, victims must be especially vigilant in conducting a thorough investigation of an accident and complying with all Washington State rules for presenting a claim to the appropriate agency. If litigation does become necessary, an accident victim must also be prepared to prove their case in court.

The Emerald Law Group can help you at every stage of this process. So if you have been hurt while riding public transit and need legal advice or representation from a skilled Seattle transit injuries lawyer, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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