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Seattle Day Care Injury Lawyer

Most Seattle-area parents rely on day care to some extent. With more parents required to work outside the home, it is not uncommon for children just a few weeks old to spend most of their day in the care of others. Because of the inherent risks involved in child care, Washington law imposes strict licensing, health, and safety requirements on all day care operators and their employees.

But as we all know, regulations do not prevent accidents or injuries. And when your child is hurt, you want answers from the day care center, not excuses like they were “just playing too hard” or “that’s how kids are sometimes.” Indeed, if your child has visible injuries, it may be the signs of more serious abuse or neglect on the part of the day care. That is why if you have concerns it is best to speak with an experienced Seattle day care injury lawyer. At the Emerald Law Group, we represent parents who need to take legal action against a day care whose negligent or reckless conduct has led to a preventable injury to a child.

Understanding the Common Risks to Children in Day Care

Every licensed day care center in Washington has a legal and moral obligation to provide a safe environment for the children under their care. This means that day care staff must be properly trained to supervise their children at all times. And if a child is injured for any reason, they must receive proper treatment and the staff must notify the parent.

Some of the more common causes of day care injuries include:

  • A child is injured while playing on unsafe playground equipment.
  • A child is bullied, bitten, or hit by another child.
  • A child is injured in an accident while riding a bus or other form of transportation under the day care’s control.
  • A child gets sick due to eating tainted foods.
  • An infant suffers brain damage due to being shaken by day care staff.
  • A child is the victim of sexual abuse by an adult or an older child.

Many young children are unable or unwilling to verbalize their day care injuries. But there may be other signs of neglect or abuse. For example, if your child suddenly experiences sudden emotional outbursts or expresses a fear of going to day care, that could indicate something is wrong. Other potential signs of a problem include wetting the bed or engaging in aggressive behavior towards you or other children.

Contact Emerald Law Today

Many day care centers try to discourage legal action by demanding that parents sign a “waiver” as a condition of accepting their child. Such waivers do not absolve a day care of their obligations under state and local laws. Nor do they excuse abuse or negligence that injures a child entrusted to their care.

So if you suspect that your child has been harmed by a poorly run or negligent day care center, do not wait to take action. A qualified Seattle day care injury lawyer can sit down with you and review your concerns. Contact the Emerald Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation.

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