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For decades, the Catholic Church covered up abuse committed by clergy, and victims were silenced and shamed. Fortunately, media scrutiny early this century broke the silence many victims endured. Today victims can seek some measure of justice from the clergy who abused them and the churches which allowed it to happen by turning a blind eye. A lawyer at Emerald Law Group can review whether you can bring a legal claim. Please contact us today to discuss your case.

Compensation for Clergy Abuse

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil claim for compensation. Abuse victims can bring a personal injury claim for the abuse suffered at the hands of clergy and other church officials. For example, we might seek compensation for:

  • Medical care to treat your injuries, including mental health counseling to deal with the fallout from the abuse.
  • Lost income due to emotional distress or other repercussions of the abuse.
  • Non-economic damages related to trauma, emotional distress, and physical pain.

A claim could also result in an injunction, which is a court order to do something (or stop doing something). Some abuse victims have forced the church to make changes in how it operates or even forced publication of the names of suspected abusers. These actions help other victims gather the courage to come forward.

These legal claims are not criminal in nature. Indeed, the clergy who abused you might have died decades ago. But it is still possible to seek compensation from the church which protected your abuser and took no action even when they knew or suspected abuse.

Contact an attorney at Emerald Law Group. Even if the abuse happened decades ago, compensation is still possible. For example, the Archdiocese of Seattle recently agreed to settle sexual abuse claims dating as far back as the 1970s. In fact, the Archdiocese told the Seattle Times that it had paid out $74 million to settle roughly 400 claims of sexual abuse over the past few decades.

An attorney can help abuse victims in many ways. We can help you collect whatever evidence exists, including to help document your memories. We can also reach out to the Church to negotiate a settlement. Although a lawsuit is a possibility, many churches are willing to settle abuse claims, which makes a lawsuit unnecessary.

Emerald Law Group has the necessary experience to bring a clergy sexual abuse claim. Although the Church is owning up to its history of sexual abuse, nothing guarantees they will continue to pay victims settlements willingly. They might deny liability or force victims into court to fully litigate a claim.

Contact Emerald Law Today

Clergy abuse is not limited to the Roman Catholic Church. We have seen many reports and allegations made against clergy in other denominations and faiths. The sad reality is that many children are subject to abuse by religious authority figures who know how to take advantage of their position.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is not a thing of the past. Allegations of abuse or molestation continue right up to the present day. If you’ve been abused—even decades ago—you deserve justice. An attorney from Emerald Law Group will be a powerful advocate in your corner. We can negotiate a settlement or even represent you in court. Contact us today to speak with a Seattle clergy sexual abuse lawyer.

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