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Tacoma Car Accident Attorneys

For some people, getting into a traffic accident is nothing more than a minor nuisance. Unfortunately, many accidents are not so trivial. Indeed, everyday people in the Tacoma region suffer serious–and sometimes fatal–injuries in a preventable car crash.

Under Washington law, a negligent driver can be held legally liable for any damages caused to accident victims. A skilled lawyer can review your case and advise you of your options for seeking justice. At Emerald Law Group, we represent accident victims in demanding compensation for their medical bills, lost income, and other financial losses arising from their injuries.

How Insurance Can Help Following a Washington Car Accident

If you own and operate a car in Washington, you already know you must carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. This includes liability coverage in the event of an accident due to driver negligence. The current minimums are $25,000 per person or $50,000 per accident for personal injury and $10,000 in property damage.

Many Tacoma drivers also elect to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. PIP coverage provides certain benefits following an accident regardless of who was at-fault. But these “no-fault” benefits are typically limited to no more than $10,000 and only cover certain medical expenses and wage losses.

Another form of insurance that can help you following a Tacoma car accident is uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. This coverage applies when a negligent driver either fails to maintain insurance coverage or–as is often the case–their coverage is not enough to fully compensate you for your losses. If you have a UM/UIM policy, your own insurance company will then “step into the shoes” of the negligent driver and assume responsibility.

Even if you purchase all of this optional coverage and the other driver is also fully insured, however, that is never a guarantee you will receive compensation in a timely manner. Insurance companies are in business to make money–which means minimizing the amount of claims they pay. So even if your own insurance company is responsible for covering an accident, the adjusters may put up a number of roadblocks in an attempt to minimize the insurer’s own liability. This is just one reason you should always work with a Tacoma car accident lawyer who will put your best interests first.

And if another driver was at-fault for your accident, getting them to pay can mean going to court and proving they were negligent. Even if you know the other driver was at-fault, knowing something and proving something in court are two different things. Our lawyers can help make sure you present the strongest possible case to a judge and jury.

Contact Emerald Law Group Today

A car accident can leave you unable to work and facing a stack of unpaid doctor and hospital bills. An experienced Tacoma car accident lawyer can help ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for these and other damages. Contact Emerald Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our personal injury team.

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