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Amusement Part Accidents

Amusement parks, water parks, carnivals, and fairs offer an opportunity for families to unwind and relax. Many people are particularly attracted to the rides at amusement parks, which offer a cheap adrenaline rush. But if something goes wrong with that ride–or any other part of the park–you may be left dealing with a serious or potentially life-threatening injury.

Most amusement park patrons simply assume that the management will keep them safe from any potential harms. But that is not how things work in the real world. Far too many amusement parks are poorly maintained and operated. And if you have been the victims of such negligence, an experienced Seattle amusement park accident lawyer at the Emerald Law Group can assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries.

Have You Been Injured by an Unsafe Park Ride or Attraction?

There are actually several different types of legal claims that may arise from an amusement park accident. Indeed, every accident is unique and requires a thorough investigation before even bringing a lawsuit. Some of the more common scenarios that we assist clients with include:

  • Negligence by the park operator – Any business is legally responsible for the negligent acts or omissions of its employees. This applies to amusement parks as well. If an employee was negligent in safely operating or inspecting a ride or warning patrons of potential risks, the park can be held responsible. For that matter, the park is liable for negligence if it failed to properly train their employees in the first place.
  • Product liability – Amusement park rides are often complex machines with hundreds of parts. If there was any defect in the design or manufacture of these parts and someone gets hurt, the designer of the ride or an individual part manufacturer may be held legally accountable for any damages.
  • Premises liability – Any property that is open to the public must be kept reasonably safe for guests. So if you are injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident while walking through an amusement park, the owner may be liable for your damages.

If you can prove that your amusement park injury was the result of negligence, a court can order the responsible party to pay you monetary damages as compensation. Such damages usually include your past, present, and future medical bills, as well as lost wages and reduction in your future earning potential. You are also entitled to non-economic damages as compensation for your ongoing pain and suffering. And in the case of fatal accidents, the surviving family members can seek further damages through a wrongful death claim.

Contact Emerald Law Today

Nobody goes to an amusement park expecting things to end in tragedy. But if something does go wrong it is important to assert your legal rights. A qualified Seattle amusement park accidents lawyer can guide you through the process of investigating the circumstances of your accident and holding the responsible parties accountable. Contact the Emerald Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team.

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