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Can I Sue My Employer If I am Injured at Work in Washington?

injured at work

The short answer is no. In Washington, the law does not permit you to sue your own employer for injuries you suffered on the job even when your employer is negligent. Instead, you must file a claim with the Department of Labor and Industries and seek compensation under the workers compensation scheme.

Title 51 of the Revised Code of Washington establishes the workers compensation and industrial insurance scheme that applies to all employees in Washington. In general, the law does not allow you to sue your employer for its negligence. Certain exceptions do exist, however, when your employer deliberately causes you injury or when the actions of a third-party cause your injuries.

If you are injured on the job, you should consult with a workers compensation attorney to make sure your rights are protected. Our Workers Compensation section contains a great deal of valuable information that can help you get understand your claims and also get in touch with one of our workers compensation lawyers.

If you are injured at work, you will need to report the injury to the Department of Labor and Industries or your self-insured employer. From there, we can help you negotiate the workers compensation system to make sure you are getting the time loss you deserve and the medical treatment recommended by your doctor.

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